Quoi de neuf?

Pt’s SOB and DOE are 9ed.. AF w/ VSS. CXR: LLL ASD ÿ ). WBC 11K; S/B Cx 6 GPC c/w PC w/o GNR, will d/c cef 6 PCN (cliquer ici pour voir la traduction « anglaise » ( texte plus bas sur cette page))



The patient's shortnness of breath and dyspnea on exertion are diminished. He  is afebrile, with stable vital signs. A repeat chest x-ray continues to reveal left lower lobe air space disease without any change from admission film. his white blood cell count is now 11,000. Because his sputum and blood cultures demonstrated gram-positive cocci (consistent with pneumococcus) without gram-negative rods, we will discontinue his cefuroxime therapy and institute treatment with penicilline instead.

(Fine PL. The Wards: An  introduction to Clinical Clerkships. Boston, Mass: Little Brown, 1994.)